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What is a CMS?

A Content Management System (CMS) is a system designed to give you control over the content you put on website or into an database. Specifically FlexiCMS is mostly used for web site content management, but it is equally capable in the context of intranet information systems and business applications where it can provide the ultimate in integration of the public web site and business backend of your company's information system.

CMS systems have become increasingly popular recently and have been well known to a vast majority of web users for years. However, just lately have they evolved and matured enough to be used in everyday applications by users that only have basic computer skills without compromising their efficiency. They are now offered by most respectable web agencies and are the basis for truly interactive web sites and information systems.

A CMS can save you a lot of time, efforts and money, and in the most common case does not require special skills and knowledge - i.e. you don't need constant support by IT experts, web designers and/or developers - the CMS has all the neccesary tools to give you the control you need over your content.

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