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Why FlexiCMS?

FlexiCMS is an incredibly flexible, adaptive, powerful but at the same time easy to use by everyone CMS and it can help you establish your Internet presence quickly and effortlessly or it can be the central management hub of most of your business tasks and processes.

Here are some FlexiCMS highlights:

  • Original Product
    The program code of FlexiCMS is authored by the team of MediaDesign and has been designed with an eye on the current market of information systems. The system has been created to be very universal and expandable, while at the same time maintaining ease of use. The team of MediaDesign fully controls the direction of development of the system and guarantees compatibility between current and past versions, which gives you the stable platform on which to base the future of your Internet presence or business solution.
  • Easy to Use
    In order to use FlexiCMS all you need is basic computer skills (knowledge how to use an Internet browser and office applications like MS Word is enough). The team of MediaDesign provides training as part of the basic services package for each integrated solution based on FlexiCMS.
  • "Living" system
    FlexiCMS is a "living" system - it is constantly growing and being improved. Each and every of the modules of the system undergoes regular overhaul in terms of improved functionality and usability. These benefits are instantly available to all clients of the system. Custom modules, developed specifically for one client are available at special rates to everybody interested.
  • Scalability
    FlexiCMS can fulfill the needs of a small web site, as well as be the backbone of a complex information system for a large business managing a staggering amount of data. No matter the scenario, the user-friendly interface of the system remains easy, intuitive and responsive, providing superb security and reliability. 
  • Modular Architecture
    The modular architecture of FlexiCMS makes the system incredibly flexible and adaptive to any kind of requirement you might have. After our team performs an analysis of the requirements for the given task we will recommend the necessary functional modules and services to complete the integrated solution, delivering the best possible results.
  • Multi-language support
    FlexiCMS ви позволява да създавате напълно самостоятелно безброй езикови версии на сайта си. За това е необходимо само да добавите нови такива чрез модула "Езици", който се предлага стандартно в базовия пакет модули на системата.
  • Multi-user system
    FlexiCMS gives you incredible opportunities for team work, providing multiple user accounts for access to the backend of the system. Users are organized in groups and each group has different access rights and levels. This allows you to delegate different tasks to different users while preventing them to interfere with each other's work.
  • Platform Independent
    FlexiCMS is based on industrial Internet standards. In order for the system to be implemented all you need is a web hosting service, which supports PHP 5 and MySQL 5. The operating system of the server is of no consequence, as long as it supports these two technologies.
  • Reliable Support
    The team of MediaDesign specializes for more than 10 years in the development of Internet information systems and web sites. FlexiCMS is the platform on which all our current and future projects are based. The system is a "living" one, and undergoes constant development, while at the same time insuring 100% technical support for all past and present customers.

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