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FlexiCMS Fact Sheet

What is FlexiCMS?

  • FlexiCMS is a Content Management System 
  • FlexiCMS has modular architecture
  • FlexiCMS is easy to use for everyone
  • FlexiCMS is a secure and stable platform
  • FlexiCMS is based on approved Internet industry standards
  • FlexiCMS is compatible with most popular hosting services

What is FlexiCMS capable of?

  • Creates web pages and manages their content
  • Generates pictures & video galleries, documents libraries
  • Automatically publishes news and other information at a predetermined time & date 
  • Manages your products and services calatog
  • Can be used to create an online shop
  • Generates dynamic clickable lists with links, FAQ, clients and partners, etc.
  • Manages advertising banners on your site
  • Manages interactive polls on your site
  • Helps with getting user feedback
  • Manages projects and human resources for your business
  • Generates detailed statistics about the visitors of your web site
  • Has different access levels for the users of the CMS
  • Can generate an unlimited number of  language versions of your site
  • Allows you to choose and pay for the functionality you need now, with unlimited expansion options in the future 

What do you need to use FlexiCMS?

  • A clear idea about the visual and functional parts of the web site you want
  • Texts and pictures (in digital format)
  • A registed domain name (example: www.flexi-cms.com)
  • Functional web hosting service with support for MySQL 5.x and PHP 5.x
  • Internet connection
  • Basic computer literacy (for the users of the backend)

How much does FlexiCMS cost?

  • The modular architecture of the FlexiCMS system allows you to choose and pay for only what you need at the moment 
  • Later, you can purchase additional modules and services to expand the functionality of your web site.
  • To get a general idea of how much a web site, based on FlexiCMS would cost, have a look at our Integrated Solutions.

How can we order an integrated solution based on FlexiCMS?

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